Living the Dream

sheep grazing in the fieldSeveral times over the past few weeks, people have remarked that I am ‘living their dream’. Here is this morning’s dream: it is hot and sticky and the black fly are celebrating with their best friends, the mosquitoes. I am moving the Smart Fence at the bottom of the south slope when one of the wires breaks. The Smart Fence is amazing when all is working smoothly, not so much when there is a glitch. I go back to the workshop more slowly than usually, as I have done something to my back which makes every step painful. I gather my tools, my coffee and go back to the mess. I am unable to re-thread the spool so I have the brilliant idea of attempting to move the four wire fence without reeling it in. One hour later, drenched in sweat, I am seriously thinking about just letting the sheep run fenceless. They are making very loud noises the entire time protesting their confinement. I decide to turn the fence on and ignore the sagging wires and bent poles. The sheep rush out gleefully and I go back up the 90 degree slope (maybe not that steep, but it seems like it) and set up another fence for the ewe and lamb, who have to be separated because the other ewes are bullying the lamb. The Gator has a flat, which I have yet to fix, so no easy moving around of feed and water for the morning chores. There has been no rain, so I lug hoses around to water the new transplants. I have had little sleep, so everything seems a bit too much this morning. Pippa is barking madly demanding some frisbee time and I discover I am out of both dog food and cat food. I attempt to make the bed, but this is challenging as it is almost completely covered in clothes. Clean laundry to put away and the winter-summer clothing switch. Looking out the window, I see the piles of junk cleaned out from my workshop re organization project, that needs to be completed. I have a cold frame full of transplants to go out.

I could go on, but …. Today is my grandson’s second birthday, and he calls me ‘Nanny sheep big truck’, which I adore. As I was writing this I got a beautiful loving message from a loved one. The smell of the lilacs is gorgeous. The sight of fruit trees in bloom makes my spirit soar. Agnes, little black lamb, went sproinging across the field when I let her out and made me laugh out loud. Dragonflies are active today, eating mosquitoes. I remembered to get some groceries last night so there is food for breakfast. I remember the wise words of my daughter, Katy, “You will never get it all done and it is possible to sleep in a bed that is covered in clean laundry.”


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