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In reviewing the few blogs I have posted, I notice that there seems to be a disaster theme! So, to counterbalance that, I am going to count some of my blessings.

Sunrise, observed daily in all seasons and in all weather, never ceases to inspire wonder.

Being tuned in to weather patterns and seasonal shifts makes me feel deeply rooted in life.

Taking time every day to observe and just hang out with the animals gives me a deep appreciation for the present moment, because that is where they are.

Training dogs, sheep, even fowl, draws on deep powers of observation and patience, developed over a lifetime of working with children with special needs.

Pruning trees and shrubs is a way of being intimate with each tree, it’s growth patterns and hardiness, and never fails to create a state of flow.

Babies! Duck hatchlings under a hosta plant, lambs kicking their heels up and frolicking, chicks in the brooder box.

YouTube, my go to place for videos on how to sharpen a chainsaw, build a livestock waterer, set up a table saw, install an electric fence charger …just about anything and everything.

Friends who come to the farm to just hang out.

Regular customers who are passionate about healthy food choices, and the conversations that occur over a carton of eggs.

The priceless opportunity to be my own boss, and the independence and responsibility that entails.

Food, glorious food, in the root cellar, in the freezer, in jars and in the ground.

The knowledge and expertise of other farmers, freely shared.

The knowledge and expertise of my father, a retired farmer and machinist.

My neighbours.

Friends who volunteer to farm sit for me so I can take a break once in a while.

The many friends who have volunteered time and muscle to help with infrastructure.

The freedom to sing out loud as I work, and no one can hear.

Dressing for functionality instead of fashion.

Watching seeds sprout and grow.

That is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a start. I feel so very blessed to be the steward of this small acreage and its inhabitants.


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