About Us

The Permaculture Farm

Sharon Creek Farm is committed to providing fresh, wholesome and nutritious food to our growing community. Sharon Creek is a small, diversified farm organized according to the principles of small-scale intensive permaculture. Our focus is on restoring neglected farmland to health, respecting natural habitat and its inhabitants, and minimizing our carbon footprint. We work only with organic inputs and methods to bring you fruit (currants, haskap berries, cherries, plumcots, Asian pears, dessert grapes, apples, European pears, gooseberries, Sea buckthorn berries) rhubarb, asparagus, garlic, free-range chicken, goose and duck eggs, honey, as well as wool from our small flock of Babydoll and Shetland sheep. We breed Welsh Harlequin ducks and have fertile eggs and hatchlings in season. The farm is located in the beautiful Holland River Valley on the Rogers Reservoir conservation area just north of Newmarket.

The Farmer

Sally Shearman grew up on a farm in the UK, has an educational background that is eclectic and includes horticulture, landscape design and design arts, and is fulfilling her dream of owning and operating a small-scale organic farm. Sally is an experienced educator and instructional designer and occasionally offers workshops and educational tours for adults and children.

The Produce

Watch our Twitter postings for what is available in season.